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How to bid on eBay (at the last second)

Posted by ebayprofitmaster on June 26, 2010

There are really two parts to today’s post. The first is a little back to basics for those that are not as experienced at using eBay as the rest of us. The first part will cover how to bid on eBay.

The second part will be How to bid on eBay at the last second. That is really a different type of bidding that requires a little more skill than new eBay users normally have. Bid too early and the professional have the chance to outbid you – bid too late, and you miss the auction because your bid will not count.

Part 1.

Everybody is talking about using eBay to buy things. If you don’t use it then you are missing out and now is the time to learn how to use it. So let’s look at the basics of eBay.

EBay is actually just one of many online auction websites (there are many new ones that have sprung up following the success of eBay, although of course eBay is the best and gets the most traffic, and offers the best bargains as a consequence)

Basically a seller decides they want to get rid of junk from their house (not just junk, but valuable antiques too) and a buyer decides how much they are willing to bid for it.

The highest bid from all the buyers wins the item! As eBay is worldwide there are listings ending all the time and anyone can bid from any country for any item from any country

As we said above, bidding is simply you entering the amount you are willing to pay for an item. This amount has to be equal to or above the starting price of an item for eBay to accept your bid.

It also has to be above any reserve price that the seller might set (they don’t always!) for you to win the auction with that bid. You can always bid again. There is in fact no limit to the amount of times that you can enter bids. However all this bidding against each other pushes up the price of the item you are bidding for.

That is the basics of how to bid on eBay for all of you that may be unsure (you can always feel free to ask me any questions on eBay, and I will reply with the answer. I will also write an extra post with Q and A’s whenever I receive them)

Now we must move on to how to bid on eBay at the last second, which is frankly a different kettle of fish.

We know that when you enter bids on a listing that everyone can see that a bid has been placed. The earlier in a listing that you enter the bid, the longer people have to see that a bid has been placed, and the longer they have to decide if they want to outbid you.

This naturally leads to bidders wanting to win by bidding as late as possible for an item. It is not unusual to see listings that do not get a single bid for the first 9 days, only to receive a hundred on the last day of the auction.

But trying to win by placing a bid just on the last day is not good enough. You now have to place a bid in the last seconds to stand a chance of winning!

There are many people that will click the refresh button on their browsers to see the price at the last few seconds so that they can get their bids in and win it just before the end of the auction.

But for quite some time, even trying to refresh your screen in the last few seconds is still not good enough for the real experts at bidding on eBay at the last second.

If you really want to prevent your competitors from winning an auction you need to snipe!

You can use services such as Ezsniper (you get three snipes free at signup) to place your maximum bid in the last couple of seconds. You may not have to pay as much as your highest bid, it depends on how high other people’s bids are, but at least you will know that you have given yourself the best chance of winning by offering the most you are prepared to pay for an item.

By placing a bid in the last couple of seconds, no one that is refreshing their screen will have time to see that you have outbid them, and then enter a new bid in an attempt to out bid you!

The only bidders that can beat you when you employ these tactics are those that are entering higher maximum bids than you (those that are prepared to pay more for the item if need be)

And that is how to bid on eBay at the last second.

Next time I will take a look at your rights when you buy from eBay.


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