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The end of the eBay blog

Posted by ebayprofitmaster on February 13, 2011

It is now time for me to finally admit the real reason why I am unable to continue with this eBay blog. Quite simply, my attention is constantly being averted to the Yearn2earncash.com website.

In particular at present, it is the newly created blog on the Yearn2earncash.com website that is taking up so much of my time.

It is also from there that I plan to continue much of the work that has been started here.

At this present time there are a few “satellite sites” as I like to call them, which are presenting content, and linking back to the main website for further information.

Frankly speaking I would rather now have all of the content I present on these individual blogs posted on the one main blog, that I alone control, without having to fear the dreaded removal of a blog for breaking some obscure rule.

I like to present information as it is, without the worry that my true speaking will result in the entire removal of a blog containing months (even years) of work.

On a blog that resides on a website that I own, it will not be possible for anyone to close down my blog simply for giving away information that many would prefer kept secret.

Of course there are other reasons for wanting everything all on the one blog. It’s not just the prospect of a blog closedown.

It’s just far easier to have everything in one location, as then everyone can find all my information from the same starting point, without having to search all over the internet.

And so, as this is almost certain to be my last blog post, I have to say farewell to some of you, and hope that most of you will continue to look for some of your answers at my new Yearn2earncash.com website blog.

Goodbyee! (Blackadder style)


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EBay traffic xplosion must have just exploded!

Posted by ebayprofitmaster on January 17, 2011

Would you believe it?

Last year I personally spent several days writing content to promote EBay traffic xplosion. I had heard that it was an offer that converted like “crazy” – to use the words of Nicholas Baron, the product creator.

One year later and not one sodding person has ever upgraded their account from “free” to premium. What’s even worse is that EBay traffic xplosion does not even seem to be functioning now.

The website just doesn’t work anymore. You cannot login to check your stats and you cannot even contact them to find out what’s wrong.

Even new members cannot access a free copy of the EBay traffic xplosion ebook anymore. So I have now had to start removing all images that link to the site, and changing all of my other links around the net.

Actually changing links hosted on my website is just a matter of altering the redirect within the HTML page to another URL, so that’s not too bad.

Now anyone that clicks on a link somewhere online that used to go through my affiliate link to EBay traffic xplosion will simply go to a page explaining it’s no longer available and offering them an alternative product.

The major work was going through all of my accounts online and making sure that I removed any graphics advertising it – I don’t want to be linking to something no one can get hold of anymore!

But I cannot do anything about those links that are from various articles and press releases all over the net – apart from changing the redirect as explained above that is.

So what’s the point of this post? I guess I just wanted to let you know that sometimes no matter how much effort you put into promoting something online, like a product that would appeal to eBay account holders, problems can occur that are out of your hands.

That does not mean you should give up though. Just because this one particular eBay product did not work out, it does not mean that there aren’t many others that can be substituted in its place online.

And should there ever come a time when you can no longer sell a particular item that you have been successful with on eBay – then simply find either an alternative supplier for that item, or find an alternative item altogether.

You can easily contact all of your current eBay customers and let them know that you have alternative stock that might be of interest to them.

Anyway my ebook alternative to EBay traffic xplosion is called “Skyhigh Auctions” which you can download from my Free money making online downloads page, and will really help you to start profiting on eBay.

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EBay Messages – Just how useful is the eBay messaging system

Posted by ebayprofitmaster on January 1, 2011

It has been such a long time since my last post that many of you will probably be thinking that this blog has been discontinued; however nothing can be further from the truth (Just to quash the rumours in the EBay Messages I have been receiving).

EBay is still very important to me, as is this eBay blog and the advice that I can pass on to others (Advice that I am happy to share either by email or using EBay messages, should some of you still have any doubts, concerns or problems using your eBay account).

Indeed I have been working on a few eBay listings templates myself just lately, so eBay has never been out of my mind for long.

The reason I have not been posting is simply that I have been so busy with my main website where you can make extra money online through a variety of methods (Not just eBay) that I just failed to make the time for this eBay blog.

But that is no excuse for not posting often, and I do hope to be posting again soon. In fact one of the most important things you can do with your blog is to continue to post on a regular basis so that people do not forget what you have to offer them.

The same can be said of the way you run your eBay account. You should list items for sale on a regular basis, all to help people remember how well you run your eBay account, and how great the service is that you provide.

You should also continue to send EBay messages to your previous customers using the eBay messaging system (Providing they don’t ask you to stop that is!) on a fairly regular basis to keep them updated with what your business can offer them, and also to help develop your relationships with them.

You never know when an eBay customer can become a supplier of other products you had not even considered selling, or even when an eBay customer can become a potential business partner.

In fact to take things even further, there is nothing wrong with you sending anyone EBay messages through the eBay messaging system (Providing you don’t repeatedly spam them, that is!) to make enquiries about something that they can provide you or vice versa.

The main point of this blog post is that doing something on a regular basis, even if not done very well, is better than only doing something occasionally.

That is very good advice… what a pity I never follow my own advice! But as I said above, I have been immensely busy with my website Yearn2earncash.com and the information it provides.

The product that has and still is taking up most of my time is my free Clickbank guide “Clickbank Confidential”, which as you can probably tell was designed to give you the information you need to profit from Clickbank products.

Despite being a free guide, I wanted so much information in it that It took far longer and required much more effort to finish than I expected (And even now, it is still being revised for a third time to include even more information!)

If you can spare the time away from your eBay account, I would love you all to visit my website and take a look at the free Clickbank guide and let me know what you think.

Was it worth all that time that I neglected my loyal eBay blog readers? (I look forward to an avalanche of EBay messages on this one!)

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